Episode 11: Steven Sabados – What Do We Want From Our Homes in 2021?

Last year, the COVID-19 pandemic quickly underscored the importance of “home” as refuge. As a result, Canadians started making their homes a larger priority, as demonstrated via record home sales, shifts in the types of homes purchased and a boom in home renovations. Listen in as we discuss this change with Canadian designer, artist and [...]

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Affordable real estate in Grande Prairie for every buyer!

Affordable real estate in Grande Prairie is a great decision for every home buyer. From those looking to start their family to those who need a bit more wiggle room. You’re sure to find what you’re looking for here in Grand Prairie. This city is also a great place for those looking to build the [...]

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Episode 10: Hindsight is 2020

2020 has been an unprecedented year in almost every regard. In this episode of REAL TIME, we discuss the impact COVID-19 had on Canadians, how housing markets responded, how REALTORS® have adapted and what it all means moving forward. Join us as we dive deeper into these topics with insights from industry experts David Coletto [...]

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Episode 9: Jesse Thistle – A Conversation About Homelessness in Canada

More than 35,000 Canadians experience homelessness every day. In recognition of this, and to complement REALTORS Care® Week 2020, we’re joined by Jesse Thistle, Métis-Cree author of From the Ashes and assistant professor at York University. Learn about Jesse’s personal experience with homelessness, how he’s become a leading voice for the issue, and what REALTORS® [...]

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Episode 8: Kelley Keehn – Making Sense of Money and Real Estate in Today’s Economic Climate

In Episode 8 of REAL TIME, popular personal finance expert and award-winning author Kelley Keehn discusses the financial concerns and realities facing many Canadians today, including homeowners and prospective home buyers. Discover tips and tools for REALTORS® to help your clients assess and strengthen their financial health, even in unstable times.

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Preparing your Grande Prairie home for sale this fall

The fall is now here in Grande Prairie, which means if you’re looking to sell your home, you’ve got some work to do! Here are a few tips on what you’ll need to do to get your home ready. Yard Cleanup Everyone loves fall for the change in atmosphere and the beautiful colors on the [...]

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Episode 7: Sarah Richardson – Buying and Designing: Lessons Learned in Real Estate

In Episode 7 of REAL TIME, award-winning designer, best-selling author and TV icon Sarah Richardson shares lessons learned during an incredibly successful career buying and designing homes – everything from the value of using a REALTOR® to making the most of your space on any budget.

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Episode 6: Subtej Nijjar – Strategic Advertising in Real Estate

In Episode 6 of REAL TIME, we talk with Subtej Nijjar, partner at Union Creative, the agency behind CREA’s national ad campaigns, about methodologies REALTORS® can employ to better understand their audience, position themselves strategically and stay relevant in periods of change and a hypercompetitive industry.

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