If you’re looking to sell Grande Prairie real estate, having an amazing exterior can make your home stand out, but can also attract potential buyers. Here are some exterior renovations you can make to your home, that will be bring you great ROI on your investment.

Power wash the exterior

One of the easiest and most cost effective renovations you can do to your home, is to give it a good thorough power wash. You can either rent or buy your own power washer, and give the whole house a clean: siding, garage doors, walkways, and the driveway. If you have a deck that is protected you can even give that a wash, but be careful you don’t start to chip away the paint.

grande prairie real estate,grande prairie real estate agents,grande prairie realtorsFresh coat of paint

Giving the exterior of your home a fresh coat of paint can be the best return on your investment. If your home’s exterior is looking a little old and outdated, a fresh coat of paint can freshen up the look and make the home look a little more modern. If you want to do it yourself, speak with a professional at your local hardware store to get some tips on the best paint and equipment to use.

Update the patio

Another reno you can do that brings great ROI is a new or updated patio. If you’re looking to have a professional build a new patio, you’re looking at $2,000 to 10,000 depending on the size and style you want to go for. But if you decide to do it yourself you can cut those costs down quite significantly and end up with a great result. Speak with your Grande Prairie real estate agents on what they suggest you can do to upgrade your patio.

grande prairie real estate,grande prairie real estate agents,grande prairie realtorsNew Patio Furniture

All Grande Prairie realtors know how important the patio and the patio furniture are to potential buyers. They’ll tell you that the nicer patio furniture you have, the more people will imagine themselves relaxing or entertaining on that patio. So make sure your furniture is up to date and displayed beautifully on your patio.

Lawn Maintenance

Remember the exterior of your home is the first thing potential buyers see when they’re looking at buying Grande Prairie real estate, so make sure your yard looks its best. Make sure to keep the lawn nicely mowed, weeds removed, bushes trimmed, and yard clear of any debris. The yard should look pristine when people are viewing your home.

These are just a few ways home renos can have a great impact on your ROI. For more information speak with your local Grande Prairie real estate agents, or contact RE/MAX Grande Prairie today!